Онлайн поддержка!

Trial period is 10 days

Try hosting without payment

How to order trial period?

It’s fairly easy to order the trial period of hosting for 10 days, without paying for hosting.
You need to register on our website and select any tariff plan. We recommend choosing the hosting tariff that you can use later. After registering, you’ll see a button to activate the trial period. When you click on it, the 10-day free trial period will be activated automatically. All functions and features of the hosting will be available during the entire trial period.

Order the 10 day trial right now

1. Register in 5 minutes

Access your hosting account, registration will take no more than 5 minutes


2. Click on the Activate button

Just click on the Activate trial period for 10 days button.


3. Get access to the hosting

All hosting access will come to your contact email within a minute.


Frequently asked questions about the trial period

- How long does it take to activate the trial hosting period?

Do you want to try the hosting tariff before making the payment? Select the tariff plan on our website and place an order after registering or authorizing – just click the appropriate button. After the tariff plan is ordered for testing, it’s immediately activated. You don’t even need to contact our team to do it.

- What are the limitations on the test period of websites hosting?

During the trial period there are no limitations on the functions and capabilities - you get a full hosting account. Carefully choose a hosting tariff plan: test the one you really want to use for your website, and you can extend it later.

- When the trial period of hosting sites is over, is it possible to extend it?

Yes, you can simply pay for the service to extend it (this can be done through the control panel). There is no need to copy and save files - the entire database and changes will remain.