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Tariff "Athlon 5600+"!

38 save 10%


  • AMD Athlon 64 5600+ 2 x 2.9 GHz
  • RAM DDR2 4 GB
  • Disk SATA HDD 400 GB x 2
  • Website Transfer Free?
  • Control Panel Free?
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Tariff "Intel i7 2600"!

45 save 10%


  • Intel Core i7 2600 4 x 3.4
  • RAM DDR3 16 GB
  • Disk SATA HDD 2000 GB x 2
  • Website Transfer Free?
  • Control Panel Free?
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Tariff "Intel i7 4770"!

50 save 10%


  • Intel Core i7-4770 4 x 3.9 GHz
  • RAM DDR3 32 GB
  • Disk SSD 240 GB x 2
  • Website Transfer Free?
  • Control Panel Free?
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Additional Services

Included in Services "Athlon 5600"

"Intel i7 920"
"Intel i7 2600"
Reverse DNS Administration ?
1 IP address available for use ?
Install of any OS CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, FreeBSD ?
Free Server Administration 2 hours per month ?
24x7 PING server monitoring ?
Hosting Control Panel Vesta free ?
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Testimonials of our favorite clients

misspo 2024-01-16

Отличный хостинг! Сначала перепробовал кучу провайдеров , но остановился на этом! Поддержка версий php и mysql...


Ян 2023-11-05

Отличный хостинг. Пользуюсь несколько лет. Цены не заламывают, довольно высокое качество.


Виталий 2023-10-12

Высокая скорость, аптайм под 100%, нет ограничения на субдомены, отличная служба поддержки, быстрый фтп -...


CHungro 2022-04-02

Хостинг отличный, админы отличные, быстро отвечают, быстро решают проблему(если она есть)!!! Давно на этом...


Why the customers choose our dedicated servers?

Stable data center

We work with the most reliable data centers: modern servers, wide access channels. That’s why, regardless of the server you choose, you get a stable performance only.

Free server control panel

Manage the server and sites on it through an intuitive and user-friendly interface. All the necessary tools and functions are available in one place to make you feel more comfortable.

Responsive support

Our responsible team ensures that your sites will always be available. So you can focus on what really matters: content and promotion.

Frequently asked questions about a dedicated server

- How long does server activation take?

After you select a server and pay for it, it activates within 24 hours. This time is required to set up the configuration and start the server. In some cases, activation may take less time depending on the settings.

- What tariff plan for a dedicated server should I choose?

Take into account the number of required resources (processor, disk, memory): the more resources, the greater the load and the greater the number of visitors the dedicated server will sustain.

- What makes a dedicated server better than hosting?

There are no resource restrictions on a dedicated server. You can use all the server resources that are in the configuration. While on the hosting server resources are divided into all users working on this server.

On your server you’ll have full control and access to all functions and data of the server, you can install the software you need. On the hosting you won’t have complete control of the server.

Servers are an ideal option for those who can manage projects on their own, which allows saving money. But servicing the dedicated server requires a lot of knowledge and time.