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Affiliate Program

Reward up to 50%

10 000 partners are already earning!


From every order!

Start making money!

Start earning right now

1. Register in 5 minutes

Access your affiliate account, registration will take no more than 5 minutes


2. Place a banner on the site

Place a banner or affiliate link to generate income on your website


3. Earn income up to 50%

From each attracted customer, click on their link to get your % of order


Favorable Affiliate Terms

Profitable up to 50% partner reward!

Affiliate links have never been so profitable. The more customers you attract, the higher your reward.

Earn money by simply placing a banner on the website

It`s easy, fast and affordable! We don’t limit the type and number of sites for advertising - you can choose the platform at your discretion.

Minimum amount for withdrawal, in all is 100 грн

Withdraw any earned amount to any available payment system. The frequency of withdrawals is unlimited - accept payments as often as you need.

Affiliate Interest

Earn up to 50%

You can earn up to 50% affiliate reward - this is the highest reward among all affiliate programs of other hosting websites! The more customers you attract during a month, the higher the remuneration percentage. You receive payments during the entire period of using services by the client (including in the case of repeat orders).

Monthly earnings up to 100$


Monthly earnings up to 200$


Monthly earnings up to 300$


Monthly earnings up to 500$


Affiliate Program Terms

  • Any user, even a non "HostkA" client, can participate in the affiliate program; all you need to do is to register;
  • The amount of remuneration is 20% of each paid customer order during the entire period while he uses the services of our company;
  • To attract customers, a partner uses a link like;
  • Every visitor who comes to your affiliate link is recorded cookies for a period of 1 month. If during this period he makes a purchase, you will receive interest;
  • Remuneration is charged when you pay for the order of any services of "HostkA";
  • The remuneration can be used to pay for "HostkA" services, or receive a purse in card user;
  • The minimum amount for withdrawing to 10$;
  • Affiliate credits on the 1st of the next month;
  • It is forbidden to place contextual advertising in all systems with a link to the main site ( and all its subdomains for any queries;
  • One person cannot be both a partner and a referral;

Affiliate Program frequently asked questions

- What is the minimum amount for withdrawing funds from an affiliate program?

Our partners are provided with excellent payment terms: the minimum withdrawal amount is only $ 3, regardless of the payment system chosen. The frequency of requests for payment is not limited. Even beginners can immediately start making a profit.

- What should I do to start earning in an affiliate program?

You need to register on the website using your personal data, get an affiliate link and advertise hosting using allowed methods (no spam!): advertising on websites, social networks, forums and so on. If our team finds that you are using prohibited methods of distributing referral links, we have the right to block your account or terminate your participation in the affiliate program. In this case, no payment is made.

- Can I register on my own affiliate link?

Such registration is prohibited: the same person can’t be both a partner and a referral. You won’t receive the partner fee for hosting purchase using your own referral code. We’re very sorry, but in case of violation of the rules, your account can be temporarily or permanently blocked.